Mar 30, 2013

Stay up.2.37 a.m

Hai there! I am okay,still enjoy my last-sem life..haha
Too busy to catch up with other's life
Too busy focusing on my fyp
Too busy doing my assignments and test
But still has a little time doing my favourite things with my favourite person

To my bestfriend fadila(i dont know how to link,using this iphone) haha.i miss u,girl!

I had analysed my data like 80%.yeah,with a help from my supervisor's pressure

Then i will start writing my thesis,5-6 chapters to go! Hell yeah!

Whoever read this post,im sorry for being too busy T_T

Just text me whenever you want,i promise i reply

Last things,wanna say goodnight coz i had to continue my things on analysing all those data tomorrow,yeah tomorrow is sunday!

P/s i do part time job this weekend,just to earn some money :)
And i miss my mom!

Mar 6, 2013

2.20 pagi

Perghh jarang aku tulis tajuk camtu kan?! Actually baru berjaya menyiapkan 5% data analysis!( happy nak mati okay!) okay happy itu tipuuuu.risau okayyyyy!

Pejam celik pejam celik
Dah masuk bulan 3 kan,bermakna ada lagi 2 bulan lebih aku ada untuk submit first draft tuk thesis aku ni(takuuuuut)
Tapi pemalas gila nak start!

Bila orang tanya nak keje atau sambung master?
Dalam kotak fikiran aku sekarang just bak gi holiday! Anywhere as long as ada 4 musim.perghh demand! Kalau terpaksa pergi sorang,insyaAllah aku pergi.hehe.of cos,kena tanye bestfriends sekalian,yang free,jangan risau,nanti i roger2 okay

Perghh tinggi betol angan2 nya
Oh btw,setakat aku guna iphone 4s,serious,damn,aku berpuas hati and i am very happy!

Btw,sesape yang tak tahu aku final sem of 4 years degree and gonna grad,october insyaAllah
Berangan kuat nak grad,fyp pom tak settle2 lagi

P/s : i dont know what im gonna do with my life after this,but one thing i am very sure of,i will do things that i like the most and enjoy!