Mar 30, 2013

Stay up.2.37 a.m

Hai there! I am okay,still enjoy my last-sem life..haha
Too busy to catch up with other's life
Too busy focusing on my fyp
Too busy doing my assignments and test
But still has a little time doing my favourite things with my favourite person

To my bestfriend fadila(i dont know how to link,using this iphone) haha.i miss u,girl!

I had analysed my data like 80%.yeah,with a help from my supervisor's pressure

Then i will start writing my thesis,5-6 chapters to go! Hell yeah!

Whoever read this post,im sorry for being too busy T_T

Just text me whenever you want,i promise i reply

Last things,wanna say goodnight coz i had to continue my things on analysing all those data tomorrow,yeah tomorrow is sunday!

P/s i do part time job this weekend,just to earn some money :)
And i miss my mom!

1 comment:

Othman. F. said...

Miss ya too! :)

Ingat petronas :) then you'll be less serabut! Hahahaha. Ada masa jumpa k hihi